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Admin Reporting


To log in to Cognos, the Admin Reporting system, you will need your Raven password. More information about how to apply for a Raven password can be found on the UIS.

Vulnerable Periods

The system may not be available between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays, these periods may be used for system maintenance. Users will be notified of any planned use of vulnerable periods.


CUFS Datamart: Current status

CUFS Datamart: Current status

Datamart nameStatusLast successful build time
AP DatamartDATAMART OK24-MAY-24 06:01:54
AP Invoice PaymentsDATAMART OK25-MAY-24 02:27:48
AP InvoicesDATAMART OK25-MAY-24 04:43:15
Fee BillingDATAMART OK24-MAY-24 01:35:36
GMS GL LinkageDATAMART OK24-MAY-24 06:07:36
General LedgerDATAMART OK25-MAY-24 06:40:53
Grants DatamartBUILDING..24-MAY-24 04:54:44
P2PDATAMART OK24-MAY-24 05:32:14
Sales TransactionsDATAMART OK25-MAY-24 03:19:25
X5DATAMART OK24-MAY-24 05:15:28


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